Energy Efficient Window

Energy efficiency is no longer a premium luxury for building professionals; it’s expected. The Envision Series windows and Advantage Series picture windows and patio doors exceed the new Energy Star® 6.0 standards—a clear sign of superior performance which can help lower energy bills by more than 12%.

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Most Efficient Brochure

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Money Saving Efficiency

Energy efficient window framing

Our standard double-pane, LoE coated, double-strength glass can dramatically reduce window heat loss, because the interior glass stays warmer in cold temperatures, protecting homes from the chill of winter. In the summer, the windows transfer less heat, because the sun is filtered and reflected back outdoors. That means lower energy costs, no matter the climate.

Beyond Lower Costs

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The LoE coating on every pane of glass in Vector windows & doors helps to protect interiors from sun damage by blocking harmful ultraviolet rays, without noticeably reducing visible light. Our windows & doors also deliver more comfort and create less condensation than conventional alternatives.

Traditional metal spacers conduct heat and cold, which causes condensation at the edge of the glass. This condensation is unsightly, and can contribute to unhealthy mold growth. A warmer edge all the way around will strike at the heart of the problem. Vector windows & doors use an industry-leading, non-metallic insulating structural foam spacer which helps reduce condensation and allows for more comfortable household humidity levels.

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