Vector is majority owned by Granite Partners, a Minnesota-based private investment firm that invests in established companies within drive time of their offices.

Granite Partners



The purpose of Granite Equity is stated as follows: “We govern and grow companies to create long-term value for stakeholders.” Each word in this stated mission has intended meaning. The we is broad and includes investors, directors, executives, managers, advisors, and financiers. By govern, they mean the process of directing and overseeing the affairs of the companies they own and generally control. The Partnership seeks growth beyond typical private company averages, including growth in leadership capacity, employee engagement, customer loyalty, productivity, quality, international reach, revenue, margins, cash flow, and value. They focus their mission on private, established, growing, and profitable companies in or near Greater Minnesota.

By actively governing and proactively growing companies, the Partnership seeks to create value, not just claim it. They value the momentum of short-term wins and continuous progress, but are primarily focused on creating long-term value over years and decades. The Partnership invests in industries and companies that have the potential for long-term value creation, with the intention of owning companies over the long-term, although they recognize that they will sell companies from time-to-time when industries deteriorate, competitive advantages erode, performance trails persistently, or a better and more natural owner emerges. While they seek to create value for themselves and stockholders, they are conscious of creating value for and sharing value with all stakeholders. The Partnership seeks win-win relationships with their stakeholders and the broader communities in which they operate.


In pursuing their mission and living their values, the Partnership can do more than govern, grow and sustain companies. Companies are a vehicle, a means to an end. They can also do more than create and share long-term value for the stakeholders in their companies.

As a desired end state, and in the final analysis, the Partnership’s work can create a ripple effect in the communities in which their companies and stakeholders are located. Owners who benefit from a Granite company will use some of their dividends to invest in other companies and in community organizations. Employees will save, invest, spend and consume some of their wages and benefits within their local community and the Greater Minnesota community. Local banks, vendors, professional advisors, and governments will create similar ripple effects. A locally owned, profitable, and growing company can have a large and positive influence on the well-being of communities. A group of these companies can have a large and positive influence in and around Greater Minnesota.

In the final analysis, the Partnership wants to look back and say, “Our companies enhance the vitality and prosperity of communities in Greater Minnesota.”


The Partnership will pursue the Mission and Vision through their values:

  • As Partners, they extend and earn trust.
  • As Leaders, they see and support change.
  • As Stewards, they craft and create value.