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Grid Look Book

Window grid pattern options design inspiration for your next project. 

Glass Options

Glass Tint Options

Gray tint on white background
Gray tint sample glass pane held outdoors in the sun

Gray Tint

Bronze tint example on white background
Bronze tint sample glass pane held outdoors in the sun
Solar cool breeze tint sample glass pane held outdoors in the sun
Solar cool breeze tint held at the sid to see reflective properties

Bronze Tint 

Solar Cool Bronze Tint

Glass Pattern Options

Obscure glass pattern option
Obscure glass pattern option held outside
Rain glass glass pattern option
Rain glass glass pattern option held outside

Obscure Glass

Rain Glass

Additional Glass Options
Annealed and Tempered Glass

Glass Options

Glass shattering into pieces because it is annealed
Standard window example
Shattered tempered glass holds together
Standard window example

Annealed Glass

Tempered Glass

STC (Sound Transmittance Glass) Acoustic Glass

STC Information 

What is STC? 

STC Glass, short for "Sound Transmittance Class," plays a crucial role in mitigating external noise infiltration into buildings, particularly in urban areas or places where outside noise poses a concern. . It’s a numerical rating for how well a building attenuates sound and can be used to rate windows, doors, walls, and more. 

This glass is primarily used in Insulated Glass Units (IG) within windows or patio doors. The STC rating determines how effectively the glass can block sound transmission. In bustling city centers, near airports, or close to railroads, STC IGs are often considered due to their noise-reduction capabilities. 

How It Works:

The technology behind STC Glass involves combining dissimilar glass thicknesses to attenuate the noise to form the IG. This variation in glass thickness is the key to reducing sound waves that try to pass through the IG. The thinner glass acts as a sacrificial layer, absorbing and dampening some of the noise, while the thicker interior glass further diminishes the sound waves. In simpler terms, the thinner glass takes the initial hit from the outside noise, and the thicker glass then handles the remaining sound, resulting in a significant reduction of noise that can enter the building. 


STC Glass serves as an essential solution for creating a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment, shielding occupants from the disturbances of the bustling exterior. By combining the right glass thicknesses, it effectively attenuates noise, enhancing the overall comfort and tranquility of the interior space. 

High Elevation Breather Tubes
Grids Between Glass
  • Flat Grids
    • Colonial
    • 1" Wide Horizontal
    • Prairie
    • Heritage
    • Valance
    • 1" Wide Vertical
  • Contoured Grids
    • Colonial
    • Prairie
    • Heritage