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Vector Windows (“Vector”), hereby offers a warranty (the “Warranty”) pursuant to the specific terms and provisions in this Warranty Document below.

Residential Lifetime Limited Warranty

Pursuant to the terms, provisions, and limitations set forth in this Warranty Document, Vector hereby guarantees to the original consumer purchaser (“Original Purchaser”) of Products (as defined below) that Vector will repair or replace any such Products that are defective in materials or workmanship and will pay the costs of all parts related to such repair or replacement and will pay the costs of all labor for the first two years. Whether Products are to be repaired or replaced will be determined by Vector, in its sole discretion. If repair is not commercially practical or cannot be made in a timely fashion, then Vector will replace any defective Products with replacement Products. Additionally, Vector, at its sole discretion, reserves the option to refund the purchase price for the Products rather than to repair or replace the Products. Vector reserves the right to modify or discontinue any of its Products. For the repair or replacement of modified or discontinued Products, Vector will have the right to substitute current Products and components of equal quality and as similar in appearance as possible.

Covered Products

For purposes of this Warranty Document, “Products”  mean any of the following: Vector windows or doors installed in a single family home (a “Home”) by the builder as new construction or by the Original Purchaser as replacements.

Persons & Times Covered

The  Warranty starts on the date of purchase of the Home as new construction or the installation of Products in the Home as replacements (the “Start Date”) and remains effective as long as the Original Purchaser owns and resides in the Home.  Additionally, if the Original Purchaser sells the Home before ten (10) years has elapsed after the Start Date, the Warranty will be automatically transferred to the new owner(s) of the Home and any subsequent owners, based on the schedule of coverage listed in the paragraph below. The Warranty shall only be enforceable during the Warranty time periods described in this paragraph, the chart below, and the paragraph describing coverage for subsequent homeowners,  and by the Original Purchaser or subsequent owner(s) that are provided rights under the Warranty in this paragraph and the chart below.

Homes Owned & Occupied by the Original Purchaser


Coverage Period

Insulated Glass Unit (Seal Failure)


Vinyl Frame & Sash




Product Related Labor (Excludes any installation or removal costs)

 2 year

Exterior laminates applied by Vector to vinyl surfaces are considered part of the vinyl frame and sash and coverage includes cracking, peeling, or non-uniform fading discoloration. This coverage does not extend to discoloration or surface damage, caused by an environmental factor or the use of natural or chemical solvents causing such damage.

Coverage for Subsequent Homeowners

For owners subsequent to the Original Purchaser, insulated glass units are warranted against hermetic seal failure resulting in moisture between the glass panes at 100% of the material cost for the first ten (10) years, and at 50% of the material cost for years 11–20. Hardware and vinyl frame and sash parts are warranted against material defects at 100% of the material cost for ten (10) years. Labor coverage is included for the first two (2) years from the date of installation.


The Warranty must be registered within 90 days of the Start Date (the “Registration Period”). The only way to register the Warranty is online at before the end of the Registration Period. If the Warranty is not so registered with Vector  within the registration period,  the Warranty coverage will default to the coverage provided to subsequent homeowners as described in the chart above, notwithstanding anything in  this  Warranty Document to the contrary.

Exceptions For Screens

Notwithstanding anything in this Warranty Document to the contrary, the Warranty will cease and end on the one (1) year anniversary of the Start Date for the following components of the Products: window screen frames, window screen mesh, door screen frames, and door screen mesh.

Exclusions From Coverage

Notwithstanding anything in this Warranty Document to the contrary: (a) the Warranty does not cover damage or defects relating to misuse, abuse, the use of applied tints or films, damage resulting from acid wash, alterations including but not limited to customer‐applied finishes, modifications of the Product or components, such as field mulls,  normal wear and tear, broken glass, natural weathering of exterior finishes, acts of God (for example, fires, hurricanes, tornadoes, storms, etc.), building settling, structural failures of walls or foundations, improper installation, improper storage, improper handling, or failure to properly care for and maintain the Products; and (b) normal wear, including discoloration, on hardware component finishes is not a defect and is not covered by the Warranty; and (c) for Products with argon gas‐filled insulating glass, the gradual dissipation of insert gas that occurs naturally over time is not a defect and is not covered by the Warranty; and (d) wood and wood veneered extension jambs are not covered by the Warranty. (e) Insulated glass with blinds between the glass in not covered under this warranty. (f) Painted products applied by Vector are limited to a 15-year warranty on exterior paint only and are subject to normal wear and fading.

Glass Breakage and Stress Cracks.

As referenced above, the Warranty does not extend to glass breakage, with the exception of Stress Cracks as determined by a Vector representative. Stress Cracks are covered for a period of 2 years.

No Other Warranties, and Exclusive Remedy.

The Warranty and the liabilities and obligations thereto are in lieu of all other warranties, liabilities, and obligations, including all warranties of merchantability, of fitness for a particular purpose or otherwise, expressed or implied, in fact, or by law. The Warranty states Vector’s entire and exclusive liability and the exclusive remedy of the Original Purchaser and any subsequent owner of the Home for any claim in connection with the Products.


In no event will Vector be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental or consequential damages whatsoever, whether based on breach of express or implied warranty, breach of contract, negligence, strict liability or any other legal theory; and Vector’s liability, under no circumstances, will exceed the purchase price for the defective Products under Warranty.

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