Single Hung Advantage Windows

Advantage Single-Hung windows are a popular standard, built to last a lifetime. With their heavy-duty block and tackle system, these windows open and close with ease. They come in a wide range of sizes and configurations and can be combined with geometric shapes and radius units to create a custom look to fit any home.

Corner of a window fused togetherFusion-Welding
All Vector windows have a fusion-welded main frame and sash for enhanced performance and durability.


Easy Operation
Easy-opening slide up windowBlock and tackle balances provides extra lift assistance for easy operation, while the removable sash makes cleaning easier.


Strong Seal
Top corner of a well-sealed doorThe integrated full-perimeter nailing fin and pile weatherstrip ensure a weathertight seal to reduce drafts and protect against leaks.



  • Metal Reinforced Meet Rail
  • Self Cleaning Brass Carriage Rollers
  • 2-11/16" Thick Main Frame
  • Fusion-Welded Main Frame & Sash
  • 3/4" Warm-Edge Insulated Glass
  • Continuous Head and Sill on
    Multiple Units Up to 8 Feet Wide
  • Color Coordinated Hardware
  • Extruded Slide Handle
  • Full-Perimeter Integrated Nail Fin
  • Easily Removable Fiber Mesh Screen
  • LoE and Argon


  • Extension Jambs

Extension Jambs Pallet Colors





  • Window Opening Control Device (WOCD)
  • 4" Opening Limit
  • Receiver
    • 3/4"
    • 5/8"
  • Custom Sizing
  • Replacement Option (Retro)
  • Grids Between Glass

    • Flat Grids
      • Colonial
      • 1″ Wide Horizontal
      • Prairie
      • Heritage
      • Valance
      • 1″ Wide Vertical
    • Contoured Grids
      • Colonial
      • Prairie
      • Heritage


Window Grid options





Available Finishes

Window trimming available finishes color pallet





Glass Options

  • Clear
  • LoE 272
  • LoE 366
  • Dual Pane
  • Tempered Glazing
  • Obscure Glazing
  • Bronze Tint
  • Gray Tint
  • Solar Cool Bronze Tint
  • Solar Cool Gray Tint
  • Rain
  • STC (Sound Transmittance Glass)