Vector Window Acoustic Ratings

Due to continued ongoing product testing, the information provided can be changed by Vector at any time without notification. This data supersedes any previous data published by Vector.

Envision Windows Acoustic Performance ChartAdvantage Windows Acoustic Performance ChartFull View Patio Door Acoustic Performance Shart


*Testing was conducted in accordance with the following standards:

  • ASTM E 90-09(2016), Standard Test Method for Laboratory Measurement of Airborne Sound Transmission Loss of Building Partitions and Elements
  • ASTM E 413-10, Classification for rating Sound Insulation
  • ASTM E 1332-10a, Standard Classification for Rating Outdoor-Indoor Sound Attenuation
  • ASTM E 2235-04(2012), Standard Test Method for Determination of Decay Rates for Use in Sound Insulation Test Methods