Vector Window Features Builders Love

They say beauty is only skin deep, and a great-looking product that’s hard to install and difficult to maintain isn’t much use to anyone. Vector windows and doors have been designed with builders in mind, which means they’ve got brains to back up their good looks. A gorgeous window with worry-free maintenance that installs with ease? Now that’s a beautiful sight.

Extension Jambs

Wall thicknesses vary greatly. Vector windows come in a variety of custom jamb depths, so you can always create a perfect fit. Moreover, extension jambs are available applied or loose and come in a variety of wood or vinyl veneers.


Multiple Receiver Sizes

Vector windows can be equipped with either 5⁄8" or 3⁄4" receivers to accommodate the extension jambs you prefer to use. Receivers are pre-cut to length and can be shipped loose or pre-applied in our factory.


Incredibly Strong

You won’t find any flimsy windows here. Vector windows have structural mulls and metal-reinforced check rails to ensure they’ll stand the test of time. For large windows, we include dual locks, ensuring a weather tight seal.


Replacement Option

Any of our windows can be ordered in custom sized 1⁄8" increments for a perfect fit. Choose our “Retro” configuration, and we’ll remove the nail fin, provide the appropriate holes, plugs, screws and sill angle, so you’ll have everything you need for the job.