The Vector Difference

At Vector, we believe hard work and a “get-it-done” attitude are the secrets to lasting success. That’s something we learned from professional builders.

Features Builders Love

“We enjoy working with Vector Windows. They have professionals working in both the Sales Department and Service Department. The quality of windows they produce is exceptional.”

Builder-Focused Service

Even the best products aren’t worth a lot if you can’t get them where they need to be when they need to be there and get help when you need it.

Reliable Delivery


You don’t have time to wait around, not knowing when your windows and doors will arrive. We meet the delivery needs of our customers, reducing building delays and saving them money.

Our Priorities




No builder can afford to struggle with long lead times, unresponsive service or dissatisfied customers. That’s why at Vector, we’ve built our reputation on crafting quality windows and doors that work right from the start.

High Efficiency

Energy efficiency is no longer a premium luxury for building professionals; it’s expected. Vector windows & doors exceed Energy Star® standards—a clear sign of superior performance.

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