At Vector Windows, environmental responsibility has been ingrained in our identity for years. Our dedication to recycling and reclaiming materials initially stemmed from recognizing the practical benefits it brought to our business. However, it has since evolved into a broader commitment to sustainability and the conscientious management of all our resources.

We take pride in offering you durable, energy-efficient windows and doors that stand the test of time. Our goal is to not only provide exceptional products but also contribute to a healthier planet by reducing our environmental impact. Because of their energy efficiency, homes with our windows & doors don’t require as much electricity to heat and cool, which decreases unnecessary carbon emissions.

We’ve also taken a number of steps to reduce the waste expended to create them. The material scrap gathered and generated by our manufacturing operations is recycled or reused. This includes all of the major components of our products—glass, vinyl, and metal. In addition, our saws and glass cutters utilize optimization software to greatly reduce the amount of material waste generated.

We have worked to make our factory as green and sustainable as possible. To this end, we’ve installed high-efficiency lighting and programmable thermostats, and we’ve optimized the layout of our equipment to significantly cut our energy usage. Moreover, our production facility does not create any emissions that are harmful to the environment.

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