ENERGY STAR 7.0 Certification

Oct 26, 2023 | News

What is ENERGY STAR 7.0? 

The ENERGY STAR Version 7.0 is a set of specification requirements for certification that provides a significant jump in efficiency and savings. According to EPA research, if all residential windows and doors sold in the United States were certified to ENERGY STAR Version 7.0, the energy cost savings would grow to more than $156 billion each year and more than 53 billion pounds of greenhouse gas emissions would be avoided annually.

A. Energy Efficiency Requirements:

Energy Efficiency Requirements for Windows

Climate Zone  U-Factor  SHGC
Northern  ≤ 0.22  ≥ 0.17
North-Central  ≤ 0.25 ≤ 0.40
South-Central  ≤ 0.28  ≤ 0.23
Southern  ≤ 0.32  ≤ 0.23


Energy Efficiency Requirements for Doors

Glazing Level  U-Factor Climate SHGC
Opaque ≤ 0.17 ALL No Rating
≤ ½-Lite ≤ 0.23 ALL ≤ 0.23
> ½-Lite ≤ 0.26 Northern and
≤ 0.40
> ½-Lite ≤ 0.28 South-Central
and Southern
≤ 0.23


B. Equivalent Energy Performance: 

Equivalent Energy Performance for Windows

Climate Zone  U-Factor1  SHGC2
Northern = 0.23  ≥ 0.35
Northern = 0.24  ≥ 0.35
Northern = 0.25 ≥ 0.40
Northern = 0.26  ≥ 0.40


C. Air Leakage Requirements: Products shall have Air Leakage ratings at levels which meet or exceed the
minimum criteria specified in Table 5 and adhere to the labeling requirements laid out below

Air Leakage Requirements

Product  Air Leakage Rating
Window, Sliding Door ≤ 0.3 cfm/ft2


D. Installation Instructions: Products shall have installation instructions readily available online or packaged
with the product.

View Full Details of Specifications here:  ENERGY STAR Residential Windows, Doors, and Skylights Version 7.0 Specification

What Vector products are 7.0 certified? 

  • The Vector Envision Series windows with our Triple-Pane Glass option qualify in the Northern Climate Zone 

Vector Windows and Doors is looking forward to continued innovation and better window and door performance for increased energy cost savings, home comfort, and overall sustainability.  The high-performance warm edge spacers in our dual pane window products are a big component of making our windows and doors energy efficient. The thermal warm-edge spaces in combination with our technically engineered vinyl framing systems with small cavity air cells have made our Envision Series an Energy Star Most Efficient rated product for over 5 years.

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