Our Advantage Single-Hung vinyl windows are a popular standard built to last a lifetime. With their heavy-duty block and tackle system, these windows easily open and close. We offer a variety of standard single-hung vinyl window sizes and configurations, which can be combined with geometric shapes and radius units to create a custom look to fit any home.

Gliders / Sliders

Advantage Glider windows offer a bold, sophisticated look, while heavy-duty construction and design deliver exceptional performance ratings. Our unique design brings the flexibility of radius tops, transoms and geometric shapes to a popular, value packed window. Vector gliders are the answer for builders caught between style, performance and cost.

Special Shapes

Advantage special shaped windows give any home a custom look. At Vector, we can design specialty windows to your exact specifications. Use any of our non-standard shapes as single units, or combine them with any of our standard window systems.

Picture Window

Unleash panoramic beauty and unparalleled natural light into your home with our Advantage Series vinyl picture window. This stunning window boasts impressive features that seamlessly blend durability with modern aesthetics.

Center Vent Glider

Experience Effortless Ventilation with the Center Vent Glider Window. Embrace the beauty of fresh air and seamless functionality with our innovative center vent glider window. This window boasts effortless opening and closing thanks to self-cleaning brass carriage rollers, gliding smoothly for years to come.