Morning of Vector window installation
Envision special shaped semi-circle window

Envision special shape windows give any home a custom look. At Vector, we can design specialty windows to your exact specifications. Use any of our non-standard shapes as single units, or combine them with any of our standard window systems.

Curved extension jamb & casingExtension Jambs & Casing
Optional extension jambs and casings help you customize any home. We can provide extension jambs and casing to match even arched or other special window shapes.

Custom Sizes
All shapes are available in almost any custom size you need allowing you to create a truly unique design.

Bold Frame Profile
A full 3 1/4" frame depth provides an enhanced architectural profile for a sophisticated look. Custom shapes come to life with the Envision series frame profile.

Features Features

  • 3-1/4" Thick Main Frame
  • Multi-Chambered Extrusion
  • Fusion-Welded Main Frame
  • 3/4" Dual Pane Warm-Edge Insulated Glass
  • Full-Perimeter Integrated Nail Fin
  • LoE and Argon



  • Extension Jambs

Extension Jambs Pallet Colors





  •  Receiver
    • 3/4"
    • 5/8"
  • Custom Sizing
  • Replacement Option (Retro)
  • Grids Between Glass

    • Flat Grids
      • Colonial
      • 1" Wide Horizontal
      • Prairie
      • Heritage
      • Valance
      • 1" Wide Vertical


Swatches of available finishes






Standard Exterior Paint swatches











Glass Options

  • Clear
  • LoE 272
  • LoE 366
  • Dual Pane
  • Tempered Glazing
  • Obscure Glazing
  • Bronze Tint
  • Gray Tint
  • Solar Cool Bronze Tint
  • Solar Cool Gray Tint
  • Rain
  • STC (Sound Transmittance Glass)


Profile Measurments Table





Illustrated options of custom shaped windows