I choose Vector because of the excellent customer service I receive, quotes come back quickly and problems in the field get taken care of.

Jason R., Lumberyard in Pelican Rapids, MN

Vector products are a leader in performance and design, produced using the latest manufacturing techniques and materials. Their solid construction and security features will ensure peace of mind, as will our commitment to conservation.

Features Builders Love

They say beauty is only skin deep, and a great-looking product that’s hard to install and difficult to maintain isn’t much use to anyone. Vector windows and doors have been designed with builders in…


Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is no longer a premium luxury for building professionals; it’s expected. Vector windows & doors exceed Energy Star® standards—a clear sign of superior performance which can help…


Green Throughout

At Vector, we’re committed to conservation and protecting our environment. Because of their energy efficiency, homes with our windows & doors don’t require as much electricity to heat and cool…